Unique and unrivaled solutions.

Here at MöllerMiner, our proven specialists create special products. Damping is what we do—no ifs, ands, or buts. That’s why we develop and manufacture efficient solutions that provide perfect damping for small-scale and large-scale production.


Standard or customized—we always fit the bill.

Be it for the automotive industry or mechanical engineering, our sector-specific and standard damping solutions provide perfect damping in many applications and industries. Thanks to varied absorption properties, load absorption and damping curves, we can offer the right product from our range for almost any requirements. The advantage of our standard dampers is that they are delivered quickly. When it comes to solutions for large- and small-scale production, we are always keen to rise to the challenge.


Automotive industry

Automotive industry.

In a changing world of mobility, we pride ourselves on being a reliable partner in delivering customized solutions to the automotive industry ...

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Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery.

Agricultural machines such as combines, corn choppers, tillage equipment, and tractors must run smoothly ...

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Tool engineering

Tool engineering.

Machine tool manufacturers are always under pressure to make their designs lighter, more compact, and more cost-efficient.

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Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineering is another centerpiece of what we do. The stakes are high: hardly any other industry faces ...

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Aeronautical engineering

Aeronautical engineering.

Aeronautical engineering is central to many aspects of modern society and industry. Our reliable and high-quality damper products ...

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Construction industry

Construction industry.

Construction machinery such as excavators, cranes, mining vehicles, and wheel loaders must all run smoothly even under the harshest conditions ...

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Medical engineering

Medical engineering.

Our compact and lightweight dampers can be used just about anywhere. Medical engineering is no exception ...

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Commercial vehicles.

Commercial vehicles.

Just like construction machinery, commercial vehicles and vans have to perform day in, day out. That’s why they also depend heavily on our damping elements ...

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Crane systems

Crane systems.

Our innovative and powerful bumpers are also used in crane systems—e. g. in the chassis damping system.

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